Meet Our Fabulous Staff

April Joyce
April Joyce, Administrator

Laura Meyers
Laura Meyer, Program Director

Sherry Brown
Sherry Brown, Office Manager

Nurse Patty
Registered Nurse:  Patty

Registered Nurses: (L to R) Bob & Laura

PTs Brian, Cindy and Susan
Physical Therapists & P.T. Aide: Brian, Cindy (Aide), Susan

RTs Misako, Virginia, Celina, and Rachel
Recreational Therapists (L to R): Misako, Virginia, Celina, Rachel

Program Aides (L to R): Marquila, Shellie, Myrna, Misako

Dietary Aide Margarida Coelho
Dietary Aide: Margarida Coelho (Guida)

Social Workers: Rita Zito, M.S.W. and Lorain Wauters, B.S.W.